RIP Bandit the Demon

Bandit came to us via the Riverview Animal Clinic, where he had been dropped off after being found wandering around in Meadowbrook. Kristine was in for an appointment with our first rabbit, Jaggy, when Dr. Atlas offered to neuter and give us Bandit. Kristine said yes after seeing the little guy and he quickly became a member of the household making Analise’s bedroom his new throne.

We think he was an Easter gift in 2016 meaning he would have likely been born sometime earlier in the year making him about eight years old when he passed peacefully yesterday. He had gotten so tired these past few weeks once an internal thymoma we didn’t know about at all (rabbits are so good at hiding problems) had grown large enough to crowd out his lungs and heart. Once we found out about the thymoma (from unexpected drooling), there weren’t any realistic options an eight year old rabbit could be expected to survive. But thankfully, the steroids prescribed by the vet worked to make him comfortable and very snuggly for these last few special weeks.

Buried in the backyard right next to Stevie and across the fence from Gwennie, hopefully they are all hopping together in the next life.

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